21 Loy started in the Junior Dragster ranks when the division first started, but the drag racer certainly didn’t take a straight line to get where he is today. His whole family dealt with an unexpected detour which took them away from the track for a long time. “Dad had a Chevelle just like mine that he raced,” he said. “Then, my mom had a wreck that almost killed her and we got out of racing for eight or nine years. Once I got out of high school and got a decent job, I got back into racing and have been doing it for the last 13 years.” Now, they’re racing every weekend if it isn’t raining. They’re also happy to have opportunities to race against both the best drivers locally and the top racers in North America. “We thank IHRA and Summit for having this kind of program for us,” he said. “When you win a championship, it keeps you looking forward to next year, wanting to win it again. We had been trying 13 years just to get to go to the World Finals one time. Now, we want to just keep on going.”