28 Racing School, which has been training students in high-quality, European-style road racing for over four decades. Graduates of the school can be found from the hobbyist to the top levels of professional racing. All programs are “arrive and drive” and features world-class instructors who are capable of teaching this highly intricate and technical form of racing. Bertil Roos Racing School instructors include Bruce MacInnes, who has worked with such known figures as Paul Newman and Tom Cruise, as well as winning NASCAR drivers A.J. Allmendinger, Boris Said and Ken Schrader. There is also Divina Galica, a skiing champion who competed in three Olympic Games before turning her attention to racing where she is only one of five females to have entered a Formula One Grand Prix. There is a fleet of Formula cars which have undergone extensive work to adhere to the highest industry standards. The Formula cars are the most valuable type of machine in teaching racing and driving techniques. Hooked On Driving is a leading provider of performance driving programs also offered at PBIR. HOD programs aren’t designed for competition, but provide a safe experience which assure drivers come away with more confidence in handling their cars in emergency situations. If you’re ready for something totally different, jeeps, mud trucks and SUV’s come to PBIR’s mug bog area where they test their guts and machines in a 300-feet mud pits. They race through pits of mud of a set length with winners determined by distance traveled through the pit or the time it takes to get through the pit. PBIR is also the home base for the International Roll Racing Association (IRRA), the world’s first sanctioning body for the sport of roll drag racing. It will make its debut on April 28 at PBIR. Instead of coming to a complete stop like drag racing, the heads-up race is started with both cars rolling at an agreed speed (40 mph). The nearby Hilton Garden Inn in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., is the “Preferred Hotel of Palm Beach International Raceway,” and offers special discounts to PBIR racers and customers. It is located next to Lake Victoria in the heart of downtown Palm Beach Gardens and is the only hotel within walking distance to The Gardens Mall, which features more than 160 speciality shops, and Downtown Palm Beach International Raceway