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Rule Updates

 2015  IHRA Rulebook Revisions and Clarifications


The following is a partial list of the changes or clarification made to the 2015 IHRA rulebook.

Pro Classes: The Electrimotion shutoff safety device is mandatory in Nitro Funny Car, Pro Stock, Top Fuel and Pro Mod.

Top Dragster: The maximum dial for Top Dragster is 7.60 1/4 mile and 4.90 1/8 mile

Top Sportsman: The maximum dial for Top Sportsman is 7.80 1/4 mile and 5.20 1/8 mile. Full face helmets are mandatory on all entries in Top Sportsman.

Super Rod: An engine containment system is mandatory.

Junior Dragster: The age for the beginner class is 7 to 9.

General Regulation Points

The Pro-Am event claims structure for 2015 will be reduced to best 5 of 7 events.

The following is an amendment to the staging and starting system section in general race regulations: If both cars leave before the timing system is activated in any class, the competitor doing it first will be disqualified. If the race director is unable to determine who left first, both competitors will be disqualified.

Collectors that utilize springs or less than 4 tabs on collector and 4 tabs on primaries must use a secondary method for tethering collector. Tethering devices may be made from minimum 1/8" steel cable and t-bolt clamps or muffler clamps with locking fasteners.

SN-2000 helmets are not permitted in Quick Rod, Super Rod, Hot Rod, Super Stock or Stock.

SN-1995 helmets will not be permitted in any entry ET bracket class.


p. 59 Summit Sportsman Safety and General Rules: Add the following: Tail Light: A minimum of one functional tail light mandatory on all entries.


p. 33 Super Stock: Modified Stock: Hood: Delete the limitation of 5 inch high opening from the section. The maximum overall height is limited to 11 inches.


p. 87 Ignition: Add the number 7761 to the first sentence of the section. It should read as follows:"The use of any ignition system (eg MSD 7531) or related accessory (eg 7561 or power grid accessory 7761) that uses a multipoint or rate of acceleration rev limiter are prohibited from use in IHRA unless specified by individual class requirements.


p. 14 Top Sportsman: Transmission: Change the sentence in the middle of the section to read as follows: "All entries with pressurized transmissions must have interior sheet metal tunnel isolating drivers compartment from unit or the driver must use a 3.2A-15 driver suit if tunnel is not present."

p. 81 Delay Device: Delete the last sentence in the first paragraph and replace the first sentence of the second paragraph with the following: "All wiring associated with the delay device, throttle stop, ignition system, automatic shifter and electronic fuel injection must be fully visable, labeled and traceable. Delay devices and components must be utilized in an unaltered manner consistent with the manufacturer's installation and instruction books."

p. 56 Hot Rod: Replace the first sentence with the following: "An SFI 30.1 flexplate shield is mandatory on all entries running faster than 135 mph."


p. 19 Super Stock: Class designations: Add the following class: SS/BBS and SS/BBA.

Update the class break section to the following:

Class AA...5.00 to 5.49     INDEX - SS/AAS and SS/AAA 9.15 (1/4) & 5.95 (1/8)
Class BB...5.50 to 5.99     INDEX - SS/BBS and SS/BBA 9.80 (1/4) & 6.35 (1/8)


p. 24 Super Stock / GT: Change the third to last sentence of the designations section to the following: "Cars must have originally been equipped with a V-6 or V-8 or be IHRA accepted based upon original shipping weight."


p. 48 Pure Stock: Camshaft: replace 12/10/13 revision with the following: Camshaft must retain OEM lift, duration and overlap for horsepower claimed as verified by manufacturer supplied specifications. Aftermarket camshafts meeting specifications permitted. If complete engine package has not been supplied by manufacturer, the combination may not be classified for competition in Pure Stock.


p. 48 Pure Stock: Camshaft: Camshaft must retain stock lift for horsepower claimed per IHRA Technical Bulletins. OEM duration and overlap is optional

p. 52 Quick Rod: Engine Containment System: Engine must be equipped with an IHRA accepted engine containment system. All systems must cover the oil pump and related accessories.


p. 62 ET 11.50 to 13.49: Helmet: Change SN 90 to "SN 95" in the section.


p. 69 Jr. Dragster: Add to the class designations section as the last paragraph: "It is the responsibility of the team/parent to not dial-in or run under the ET breaks for the age groups listed above at all IHRA sanctioned events. This includes ET at Nitro Jam, Pro-Am, Team Finals and Jr Team Finals events. One warning will be issued to any competitor that dials-in quicker than his or her age group restriction. If the competitor does this a second time they will be disqualified."

The lowest dial-in for the respective age groups is the class index or 7.90 for Master, 8.90 for Advanced and 11.90 for Beginner.


p. Crate Motor Stock: Manifold: Change the wording of the first sentence to: "Any OEM or aftermarket cast aluminum or iron manifold that will fit under stock unaltered hood with no modifications allowed."


p. 13 Top Sportsman and p. 15 Top Dragster: Delete the following from the first paragraph. “Competitors may dial quicker between rounds, but may dial no slower than .10 beyond the slowest qualified car.” Competitors may dial any number they wish provided it is quicker than the posted maximum limitation for each class.

p. 70 Jr Dragster: Engine: Add the following to the accepted engine list. “ Briggs and Stratton 206 factory sealed crate engine. The crate engine must maintain un-tampered hologram seal installed at the factory. No alterations or modifications to Briggs & Stratton 206 crate engine permitted except for installation of exhaust header and air filter."


p. 69 Jr. Dragster Master: Change the following word to the end of the sentence in the middle of the paragraph: One warning will be issued if a competitor runs an elapsed time of 7.70 "or quicker or 85 mph or faster." 



Competitors in all divisions must have a minimum of 4 claims from events within the respective divisional schedule. Wild card events may not be used as the only source of in division claims. Wild card events are designed to help competitors living in certain regions, where Summit Pro-Am events are less concentrated, compete for a division championship while keeping costs of travel at a minimum. They are not intended to replace actual competition at the events within a division. At least 2 of the 4 mandated points claiming events in any division must be from events physically located within the division.

Due to its geographic location and the costs associated with traveling to any out of division events, the Border Bandits divisional schedule will continue to be limited to 4 in-division claiming events to determine the end of the season points. As was the case since inception of Division 6, there will be no out of division claims factored into any scores.

January 8, 2013


 p. 5 Summit Tournament of Champions: Under participant guideline delete the following from number 2: “(less any division champions – see below).” 

 p. 20 Super Stock: Engine:  Change overbore from .075 to .080 in the section.

 p. 26 Super Stock Production: Engine: Change overbore from .075 to .080 in the section.

 p. 42 Stock: Engine: Change overbore from .075 to .080 in the section. 

 p. 44 Stock: Upholstery: Add the following references for front seats to the section.  Delete all other reference to front seats in the section. 

 Full-size aftermarket or corporate OEM front seats permitted; must be upholstered and properly supported.”


This group is limited to any unaltered 2008 or newer foreign or domestic, production type automobile or truck that is street driven with proof of registration, vehicle insurance with valid license plates.  These vehicles are limited to street events, test & tune and select import events.  Competition in the facilities normal weekly ET bracket series under these parameters is prohibited.  

 These vehicles may run provided all of the criteria listed within this section is verified prior to participation.  Unaltered 2008 OEM model year and newer production cars running slower than 10.00 and 135 mph do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the Summit Sportsman ET safety rules except for the following: Convertibles and T-top entries must meet the minimum specifications listed in ET Bracket section for roll bar and roll cage requirement.  Vehicles must pass all state highway safety requirements in which the vehicle is registered prior to acceptance.

 The vehicles OEM installed anti lock brakes, airbag function and seat belts as well as any other related system must be functional as per the manufacturers specifications at all times.

 All drivers must utilize helmet and protective clothing requirements as per the minimum specifications outlined in the 2013 IHRA rulebook under the ET bracket section starting on page 61.on the combination.




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