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For membership or licensing questions, please contact Bobby Carville:
Phone 561-337-3015
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Anthem?  Aetna?  Blue Cross?  Aflac?  No, no, no and no.  The answer is by simply  becoming an IHRA member.

How many of us have insurance coverage for our automobile, home and loved ones?  Chances are, almost everyone.  But how many of us have medical coverage at the track if something happens? If you do have medical insurance, will it cover your expenses in a racing related accident?

Becoming a member of IHRA provides you excess medical coverage as a driver, crewmember or spectator.  Racing at an IHRA track you have $5,000 in excess medical coverage but as an IHRA member, if you are injured in a track-related incident, you'll receive $100,000.00 in excess medical coverage. If it's a serious injury and you are forced to miss work, your IHRA coverage will pay you $200 a week for 26 weeks.  No insurance company can provide you that much protection for the membership cost of only $65 a year.

In addition to the coverage, you'll receive an IHRA membership and license that is good at the Summit Team Finals or any other IHRA event you may compete at over the course of the season. Once you become a member you can even register for the $240,000 Summit Super Series program and obtain an Number for only $10 additional dollars.

This package includes the 2016 IHRA Rulebook, IHRA decals, medical coverage at all the IHRA events, plus a competition license.

Protect yourself and your family with $100,000 in medical coverage by becoming a competition member of IHRA TODAY!

Important Drivers License Reminder:
According to the IHRA rule book, "Each driver of a vehicle entered in any event conducted at an IHRA sanctioned track must have a valid State driver's license beyond a learner's permit and IHRA Competition License (except Junior Dragster). This license is subject to inspection at any time." When applying for or renewing a license with IHRA, please attach a copy of your valid state driver's license to the form. If you are at an IHRA Drag Racing Series or Summit Pro Am event and either need to apply for an IHRA license or renew your IHRA license, please be sure to bring your valid state driver's license with you to the IHRA Tech Trailer for inspection. If you cannot show a valid state driver's license, you will be unable to participate at the event.


IHRA On-Line Membership Renewal

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Junior Dragster On-Line Membership Renewal

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2016 Junior Dragster Membership & License Form

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2016 Membership License & Number Application

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Medical Physical Form

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Teen Championship Racing Membership & License Form

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