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Sunoco Evo 10 Developed to Be a Winner On and Off the Track

Wednesday, 19 February 2020
Proven on an international stage, Sunoco Evo 10 is now being offered to consumers in North America.
Sunoco Race Fuels, the Official Fuel of the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), developed the high-octane, highly-oxygenated unleaded fuel for Australia which is no longer using leaded fuels. Evo 10 was designed from the ground up and blended in Sunoco Racing’s Marcus Hook facility. 
Evo 10
With its motor octane of 100 and 10 percent oxygen by weight, Sunoco Evo 10 is one of the highest octane and highest oxygenated unleaded on the market today with an anti-knock index of 105. In independent tests, Sunoco Evo 10 has proven to match and exceed competing unleaded highly oxygenated fuels.
On the track, two-time national champion Jason Starnes opened the 400 Thunder/IHRA Australia Sportsman National Championship with a win at Springmount Raceway. His Chevrolet Corvette, fueled by Sunoco Evo 10, made consistent passes that were quicker and faster than the car’s previous bests for the track. Other feedback was the car started and idled better than ever before.
Used in real world applications, this fuel is able to work in scenarios that require more than 105 octane. 
Sunoco Evo 10 has been tested in a wide range of engines from 16:1 naturally aspirated to lower compression forced induction combinations. Because Sunoco Evo 10 doesn’t contain any MTBE or ETBE, it’s safer on your fuel system.
Motorcycle riders have not missed out either. This high burn speed works extremely well with small capacity, high-revving engines, allowing maximum power without significant timing changes.
In proper storage, Evo 10 is stable for two years and is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.
Sunoco is the Official Fuel of NASCAR, IHRA and other major racing sanctioning bodies. Sunoco partners with over 60 racing organizations and sells fuels at over 500 tracks worldwide.
Click here to learn more about Sunoco Racing Fuels and their different blends. 
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